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We provide innovative home retail concepts and
practical implementation know-how 

Our Focus 

We focus on building retail brands in home, whether full home stores, or single-category specialty stores of tabletop, home furnishings, home textiles, decorative accessories, and/or furniture product.

Aside from being a strategic partner - someone who can offer you business insights as well as implementation know-how - we offer our clients unparalleled experience and practical solutions.

Everything we do together ultimately reflects on the success of your retail concept. With Global Brand Vision, you will get the personal attention, the commitment, and bespoke solution that create and sustain your success. We treat your business like our own, we see ourselves a part of your business.

In each project we provide our clients with a range of services:

Retail concept / Planning phase

  • Look and feel 

  • Branding and positioning

  • Requirements for store size, locations, initial opening and roll-out plan

  • Store design

  • Assortment definitions (breadth, depth, sku count, etc.)

  • Organisational structure and skill requirements at head office and at store level

Implementation phase

  • Project management organisation and support

  • Buying and sourcing support 

  • Identification of key buying agencies and support with operations manuals and vendor compliance policies

  • Pricing policy, mark-up and mark-down strategies, etc.

  • Marketing and promotional calendar 

  • Customer service standards

Our Services

Our Strength

We have been there before. Our strength lies in the experience that we provide in developing and implementing retail concepts.

Each market has its own characteristics and peculiarities. Adapting concepts to the differences in consumer expectations, preferences, shopping behavior, specific economic-social-political  environments, etc. has been key to our success in such diverse markets as Europe, N-America, S-America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Thanks to our industry reputation and our global network of valuable contacts we are able to quickly provide access to the resources our clients may require.

We develop standards, provide best-in-class practices, motivate teams, and accompany our clients on their way from planning to implementation.



Our Approach

We listen before we talk.


We consider ourselves as hands-on experts, coaches, consultants, and motivators. 


We work collaboratively with our clients on the strategy plan. The organisation "owns" the plan, but we assist in the definition in every phase.

A typical concept begins with the clarification of the vision (aspiration) and the values of the brand. The plan then describes the goals and objectives, activities, timelines (Gantt chart), and the required human and financial resources. 


With a strategy plan in hand, we assist our clients in all phases of the implementation process, from kick-off to the implementation of the project structure, from defining the assortment, to the sourcing of each product, from first store opening, to marketing communications and roll-out, depending on the scope of our engagement.

Nothing is perfect ever or forever in home retail. Technology, consumer expectations, and other events require on-going adaptation. We continue to assist our clients in evaluating necessary changes, and help implement organisational and procedural adaptations to ensure present and future success.

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